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15th Annual CEO Survey - UK Focus
UK CEOs are more confident than their Eurozone counterparts but economic volatility remains their leading concern. Despite varying confidence levels and continued uncertainty, UK CEOs are continuing to invest and 60% of UK CEOs have increased headcount globally in the past 12 months.

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Free sign up required Healthy competition - how companies can achieve compliance with competition ...
Healthy competition - how companies can achieve compliance with competition law

Free sign up required Upcoming events - PwC Fraud Academy
Upcoming events - FA

Free sign up required Contact Mark Anderson - PwC Fraud Academy
Mark Anderson

Free sign up required Contact John Tracey - PwC Fraud Academy
John Tracey

Free sign up required Contact Andrew Gordon - PwC Fraud Academy
Andrew Gordon

Free sign up required Business ethics and integrity - PwC Fraud Academy
Business ethics and integrity

Free sign up required Global Economic Crime Survey 2011 - PwC Fraud Academy
We have seen a 13% rise in fraud since our last survey and organisations see more fraud ahead. In today's technology driven environment, cybercrime is emerging as a serious threat to organisat

People Reporting is every bit as important as the other disclosures - ...
By Alastair Woods, Partner Insights from PwC’s Building Public Trust in Corporate Reporting Awards 2017: People Reporting in the FTSE 100 In contrast to more heavily-regulated areas such as tax or executive remuneration, reporting on people remains an area where companies have a fair amount of...

Free sign up required Will you act now or pay later? UK Bribery Act 2010 - Financial Services - ...
The UK Bribery Act will change the way companies do business for many years to come. In this publication we look at the impact it will have on organisations in the Financial Services industry.

Free sign up required Whistleblowing - striking a Balance - PwC Fraud Academy
Whistleblowing - striking a Balance

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